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  • Guitar In
  • Line In
  • Amp Selection
  • Gain Control
  • MIC Selection
  • GND LIFT Selection
  • TREBLE/BASS Control
  • DRIVE Control
  • Volume Adjust
  • Line Out
  • D.I Out
  • Earphone Monitor

This preamp has four functions:

1. It is a amplifier simulator, it could simulated three classic amplifier tone, including MESABOOGIE, MARSHALL, FENDER. It provides three Gain control and three MIC position selection. It carry out 27 different tone collocation and combination.

2. It is a DI box,it could switch the lopsided high impedance e-guitar signal to balanceable signal, thereby easy to connect with the attunement station, make musical instruments record.

3. It is a signal mixer, it could make a perfect mixture by use the guitar signal and other input signal, then you take it as an accomp animent.

4. It is a small amplifier, you just need a guitar,an earphone to work in it, you will enjoy the perfect guitar tone.

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